BB Guns and the Law

Since 2007 it has been illegal to purchase Realistic Imitation Firearms (a link to the actual legislation is at the bottom of the page) without a defence. 

There are defences for re-enactors, film, TV & theatre companies, the armed forces and police (only to be used under official capacities) written into the bill, 
but there is also a defence for an active airsoft skirmisher under home office regulations.

A Realistic Imitation Firearm (R.I.F.) is anything that looks like a firearm designed post 1870 which is distinguishable from the real steel firearm
only by an expert on a close examination or as a result of an attempt to load or to fire it. 
These a prohibited to people with a legal defence as above...

An Imitation Firearm (I.F.) is any thing which has the appearance of being a firearm whether or not it is capable of discharging any shot, 
bullet or other missile but is distinguishable from a real firearm I.e. the principal colour is any of the proscribed bright colours mentioned in the VCR regulations. 
These are for purchase by people over the age of 18 only.

Two Tones:
If you don't or can't get the Skirmish defence don't worry, you can still have a Skirmish worthy BB gun! We do a range of either clear plastic or Two Tone BB guns & AEGs.